Lynn Cosyn




What is your background?

I’ve been working full time as an illustrator since 2016. Before that time, I graduated as an architect in 2012 and realized over time that this environment was not satisfying enough for me. I felt the urge of expressing myself differently - not through bricks, walls, buildings or any other construction details. I discovered that drawing and creating story-telling images were my biggest passion and so I decided to switch professions. Hardest, but also the best decision I’ve done so far :) Although my work is mostly focused on illustration, I combine it with my architectural background. Starting from scratch, developing concepts and working in a very structured way are part of my working process. 

Are you available for commissions?

Oh yes, absolutely! Feel free to get in touch with me. Please consider that there may be times where I’m fully booked for several weeks. So make sure to ask me early enough :)  

Are you available for personal commissions (portraits, weddings, birth announcements, etc.)?

I love personal commissions. Occasionally, I offer a few slots for personal portraits or similar assignments. Feel free to ask me anyway. 

What languages do you speak?

I speak five languages. Luxembourgish is my mother language, German my second language. My French and English is fluent in writing and talking. And Flemish (or Dutch) is my fifth language. (I can read and speak it, hihi)

Do you work for free?

No. Although I am willing to make fair trades (your product/service for my work/service). Only exception: Occasionally I pick a few charities/non-profit organisations to work for without payment so don’t hesitate to get in touch if that’s what you do!

What’s your working process? 

Before I start working, I prepare a quote for you. And in order to do this I need to know as many details about your request as possible.

    • who are you or what’s your business about?

    • how many illustrations and what kind of illustration are/is needed? 

    • what’s the purpose of the illustration? (Internet usage, flyer, fabrics…)

    • what’s your budget?

    • what’s your timeline? (deadline)

Then, after you’ve accepted the quote and my terms and conditions, I’ll start with brainstorming and sketching. Once my concept/idea/sketch is made I’ll send it over to you. This is part of the first round for minor corrections. A second round for minor corrections is also included in the quote. 

After the second revision I prepare the export of the files and send them over to you.

Can I schedule a meeting with you? 

At this moment, I only offer call-meetings. Since I’m working for clients all over the world, I can tell you that it works pretty well to be in contact digitally. Occasionally I can offer a meeting to do a brainstorming but as you get my undivided attention and solid advice, I’ll charge money for it.

Can I reach you anytime? 

No. As an illustrator or artist I need my „off-times“ to be as creative as possible to work on your commissions. And for that I need to focus on my creative flow. So I’m only reachable during specific hours. I also prefer to be contacted by mail. Please don’t contact me for business purposes through facebook or instagram messages. Those messages eventually can get lost in between my private messages. So email is the best way to avoid this :)